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Paola Bortini

How Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® (CPTG) essential oils can sustainably support us in reconnecting with “our” nature, and with being in harmony with nature around us.

Pure essential oils are a natural solution for the well-being of people and the environment in a sustainable way. They work best when taken constantly in small doses - a drop is enough - because they are able to reach every cell in our body via blood circulation, interacting with each cell’s receptor and influencing its behaviour and function. The properties of essential oils come through age-old wisdom that today is complemented by a growing body of scientific research that validates their powerful effects. Information about pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils, can be found at www.sourcetoyou.com and here www.mydoterra.com/limina.

The plan with my colleagues for that Wednesday afternoon was to watch the docu-film, “Fire in the blood”, the story of struggle in fighting against HIV/AIDS and the trail between the South African government and the pharma lobby. Although I did not know the documentary, I did know the story, because I often used parts of it in simulation exercises for my work as a trainer in human rights education. My enthusiasm was not so high as I sat down to watch the movie begin.

It was a series of interviews with government officials, representatives from the pharma companies involved, victims of HIV/AIDS both rich and poor. With my values coming from an activist background, I was drawn into it with all my emotions, my belief that I was already doing enough. My entire body felt oppressed, my person disempowered particularly by the cynicism presented in the movie and the suffering that it was causing in each of us.

Pure essential oils can enter into cells to influence their behaviour and function, creating an environment for healing physically and emotionally

“You may think this is a third world problem, but actually the high cost of medications is a growing problem for the first world welfare system…” This the closing sentence, was the last straw that catalysed a change in myself that had been maturing internally already for some time. I decided to explore how to empower myself and my immune system through the use of natural remedies, solutions for my well-being, the well-being of the people around me and for the world. Through my research I discovered that pure certified essential oils naturally interact with the biochemistry of my body, activating chemical reactions that lead to homeostasis. So I studied chemistry with passion, exploring how the brain and body interact with one another. I explored how the heart is sending signals, how the emotions are stored in our cells, and how the pure essential oils can enter into cells to influence their behaviour and function, creating an environment for healing physically and emotionally.

In this journey I have learnt to tune into my body, to really feel it and not just take care of it on an occasional basis

I discovered how different was the interaction in the body of natural molecules compared to the synthetic ones that we find in every product we use, the food we eat and that are toxic for our bodies.

In this journey I have learnt to tune into my body, to really feel it and not just take care of it on an occasional basis. I have learnt that sickness is an internal imbalance that one can brush aside very well with the power of our mind, especially with the idea of dismissing the signals that we dislike and that forewarn depletion in our performance, unfortunately then to lead us into high stress.

The practice and use of pure essential oils has brought me to appreciate even more of nature, its abundance and generosity and its regenerative power. It has brought me to understand the nature in me, that I am also nature and therefore intrinsically connected with the entire system around!

It has brought me to trust my regenerative power and the inner wisdom of my body.

Take a leaf of peppermint in your hands and squeeze it. Pay attention to the scent and feel it in your body. Imagine the scent reaching every cell of your body... This is actually what is happening.

Recall a moment when you felt that your mind wanted or had decided for something, and that your heart, or gut or body, was sending you a different message. How did you feel at that specific moment?

When was last time that you were listening to your body signals and decided to really pay attention to them? What happened afterwards?

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