The curriculum will be a collection of teaching methodologies and activities, and a facilitation guide.

It will weave together experiential learning activities on planetary well-being and inner ecology, connecting our human body with our larger body, the Earth, including body-based learning methods and structured outdoor activities. It will also deal with developing the capacity to be fully present in social interaction, generative listening, cultivating mindful communication.

The connection to nature allows shifts of attitudes and behavioural patterns both on a personal level and on the level of a group, a community life and we will give special attention to all these dimensions.

The curriculum will include activities on understanding and following natural cycles through rituals.

It will also be a guide for facilitation, leading group work and dealing with strong emotions: some parts of it will support learners in unrevealing strong emotions about the state of the world, where facilitators need a sensitive approach, we provide guidelines with a special focus on that.

Our curriculum will be released in Autumn 2020.

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