The project is working on a set of tools and resources that can facilitate the journey along the inner pathways toward sustainability.

The tools are:

  • a training manual
  • a training curriculum
  • audio podcasts
  • a research available from the project’s website (from June, 2020) in English, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, German, Czech. Derived from our training courses, it will be an international study on behavioural changes based on inner motivations leading to sustainable lifestyle changes.

We have also planned the following training courses (check the EVENTS page for that):

  • Two international 5-day residential courses for the colleagues of partner organisations, exploring and deepening the learning methods of each:
    1. SEEDS of Inner Pathways - Developing the experience
      5-day international course for staff members, 17th - 23th February, 2019, Padma Farma, Czechia
    2. ROOTS of Inner Pathways - Deepening the experience
      5-day international course for staff members, 6th- 12th May, 2019, Tuněchodský mlýn, Czechia
  • FRUITS of Inner Pathways - Train the Trainers: an international residential course open to trainers, facilitators, community leaders and organisers from Austria, Hungary, Latvia, Italy, and UK, in Hungary, March, 2020 (dates TBC).
  • Two public workshops in each country from the partnership for networking and exploring our learning methodology in 2019 and 2020.
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