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Inner knowing, or the 5 literacies of mindfulness

The potential of mindfulness is much more than a practice in strengthening individuals to deal with stress, regulate their emotions and become happier.

From the Heart of the World – Ceremony, the bridge of actions, intentions and prayer

“What is the secret of the grail?” Asks the omnipotent voice in an Arthurian legend. “You my Lord! You and the land are one!” Is the reply. This was something of a holy grail experience for me, and there he was, right in front of me…

Don’t have a story, storytelling

Once upon a time, in a time of great change and uncertainty, in a land not very from here… this story was hijacked by a marketing company, and sold to a corporation that put it on reality TV and, something got lost.

How do I bring my gift to the world?

How can we create our personal sustainability and contribute to a greater collective sustainability by bringing our special gift to the world? How can we follow our hearts? How can we create opportunities to be paid for what we love doing?

Engaging in the Gift Culture as a form of activism

Reflections and examples of the culture of gift, to reclaim our sacred role of donors in the web of life.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in“

Meditation as a path of unconditional self-acceptance toward the realization of our true self.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.“

Leonard Cohen

In search for an integral approach

An educational approach that brings forward our interconnection and interdependence, is inspiring for courageous actions toward a more peaceful and compassionate planet, and encourages one to live life in integrity.

The transformative power of listening

How listening can transform an escalation toward potential violence into a wonderful connecting moment.

Mindfulness and interconnectedness to all

The impact of Plum Village Mindfulness practices go much beyond one’s individual wellbeing or stress relief, additionally bringing to awareness deep ecology, global ethics and social action.

Embed a daily practice into your routine

Treating yourself with a daily practice is one of the best gifts you can do for your body, your mind and your soul. In a word: to yourself.

Being alone and connecting to all

How my Vision Quest helped reconnect me to myself and to Nature, then to start a new journey in green-living coaching

Ikšķile Free school – holistic approach in education

Ikšķile Free school – teaching freedom, nature, community and Latvian traditions

Cycling to infinity

Learning from the Medicine Wheel and natural cycles, turning the wheel of life

Children’s fire

A few years back Lily had walked away from mainstream civilisation with her partner, and while on the journey of living at the edge of society, had conceived and become parent to her daughter. Similar in story to mine with my daughter, we’d both experienced a strong need to move away from consumerism, yet found how thoroughly had we been intertwined with it… She proposes a minute of silence and gratitude together before we start the interview. We honour our personal connection and the power of women working together

Un-stuck my potential

How my body showed me a way out of a stuck-situation using a simple, but powerful embodiment exercise

Finding active hope with “The Work That Reconnects”

How to deal with the terror of environmental degradation and climate change news, with information about extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and wildfires spreading on a daily basis like… well, a wildfire? Is it possible to find courage and active hope amidst this global crisis?

Council: Thirty-Eight Ears Speak With One Mouth

“…what you know you can’t explain, but you feel it, you’ve felt it your entire life. That there is something wrong with the world. You don’t know what it is, but it is there…”

Sacred landscapes

Finding inner peace in outer wilderness.

Bringing movement and meaning in education activities

Integrating Body-based learning has been an educational trend in recent years and not surprisingly, for bringing the body back to in-depth experiential learning, offers amazing opportunities for the joy of moving.

Transformational potential of dance

The embodied presence of conscious dance practice can transform how we feel and how we relate to the world around us by bringing more connection, awareness and creativity to our lives.

Taking care, naturally

How Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® (CPTG) essential oils can sustainably support us in reconnecting with “our” nature, and with being in harmony with nature around us.

Nature connection, Transformation

How my re-connection with nature guided me to re-connect with myself and the whole world

Finding Wellness around the Globe

There are many ways to sustainability, some of them shorter, some longer. My journey towards wellness took me through several continents, hundreds of books and years of research. Have I arrived yet?

Childbirth and relationship with children as inner pathways toward sustainability

Connecting to the first period of human life, from conception through pregnancy, childbirth, primal care, and all the way to parenting and growing up with children, invites a deep exploration of our wilderness and a step towards the evolution of an ecological society.


A decision-making tool that will change our mindset about decisions, group processes and relationship to ourselves.

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