Podcast episode #13

Santa Krastina

Listening as culture of self awareness

“Perception of environment and self-locating into it through sound is deeply rooted in all human cultures since prehistory”, says Maksims Senteljevs, sound artist and photographer, in this interview with Santa Krastiņa.

This very special link of environmental sound and its internal resonance in relation to body and mind is utilized in three simple listening exercises, that can be practised by anyone, anytime and anywhere, to maintain the peace of mind and wholeness with universe.

Activity one: Soundscapes as music

Choose a natural sound source (forest, ocean, sea, river…) and listen to it as if it was a musical piece.

Go from detail to detail, focus your attention to the slightest changes in this environment and then go back to the whole. Try to understand the structure of this composition.

Download the guided activity

Activity two: That’s not interesting

Concentrating on sounds of the environment around when they are not interesting or spectacular brings inner balance.

Download the guided activity

Activity three: Replacement

Go somewhere and listen to recordings from another place with a similar function to refresh your perception of what is normal and familiar to you.

Go to your local marketplace and listen to this recording of an exotic marketplace with your headset

Download the guided activity

Check out Maksims work here:



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