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Dear Friends,

The current state of the world has changed very quickly in past weeks and we are looking into our response to it. Every crisis contains both challenge and opportunity, and our wish for all of us is to find good ways to act responsibly and minimize the risks and to see and use the opportunity for change, in our focus toward more regenerative ways of living.

We invited you for a learning journey and now it seems it has already started, for all of us, in a surprising way. It is clear by now, that the residential course can’t happen in May, but we feel that it is the right time for our common topic and an opportunity to find new ways how to process it together.

Our journey will happen between April and June 2020 as planned, just in a different way than expected - online, local and also possibly more sustainable! At the moment we are working on the new design, which would serve well the current situation. Due to this change and recognising financial difficulties people may be facing at this time, we decided to offer this online course without the contribution fee.

Learning journey video introduction

The journey timeline

This journey is made up of various methodologies: regular online meetings, at-home practices, audio materials, journaling, online sharing and reflection, international peer support. It goes as follows:

In April we begin with online local meetings (see the dates below).

The journey is designed on an inhale/exhale pattern.

Inhale: online meetings every second Friday at 3-6 PM CET. Meetings will happen on Zoom.

Exhale: continuous peer sensing journey - individually and with peer international support.

Reasearch: a survey will be filled out 4 times:

  • Beginning of the Journey (Early April)
  • During the Journey, two times (May-June)
  • After the Journey (June)

The Journey will end at the end of June, with a local (online?) meeting.


Support for your learning journey

All the emails, podcasts, videos, pictures, articles and links in one place.

Calendar of events

Check out what's going on in the project:

The research

As a participant of this learning journey, you are invited to take part in qualitative research on the impact of regenerative practices.

Purpose of the Study

The study will be published as one of the results of the “Inner Pathways toward Sustainability” strategic partnership project, and it will be based on qualitative research focusing on the impact of regenerative practices and regenerative cultures through inner sustainability and actions.

Informed Consent

Read and approve electronically the purpose and details of the research here (required!).

It is entirely up to you to decide whether to take part in this research. If you choose not to take part in this research or if you decide to withdraw from the research once it has started, there will be no negative consequences for you, now or in the future.


Possible Benefits

Taking part in the research supports reflection in your learning journey that is an essential element for sustainable learning.
In addition, it contributes to making visible through the results how non-formal education is a vehicle for sustainability and the impact specific regenerative practices can have on the wellbeing of the individual and communities they are operating in.

The purpose of this tool is to inspire you to reflect on how you are doing on your “inner pathway toward sustainability”. The background reason is to collect data for our research study that aims to bring an understanding of the inner changes that happen as a result of your participation in the learning journey “Inner Pathways towards Sustainability”. We are also hoping to contribute to the understanding of inner and outer regenerative action. Your participation in this part of the project is much appreciated.

What You Will Do in this Study

As part of this research, you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire 4 times during the journey, which will also support you in your learning and reflection process.
The questionnaire contains a set of 13 open-ended questions. Suggested length of your answers is 1-2 paragraphs (around 200-300 characters). We intend that these questions serve as a tool to support your inner journey as well throughout the learning process, and be the basis of the research and study on motivations and actions.


The questions will require from you approximately 45 minutes each time, so in total 3 hours of your time, across the research period.

In details

Local contacts and meetings


Local contact: Ági Berecz -
First online meeting: 5th of April, 10-13 CET


Local contact: Sara Galeotti -
First online meeting: 9th of April, 11-13 CET


Local contact: Peter Hofmann -
First online meeting: 3rd of April, 16-18 CET


Local contact: Santa Krastina -
First online meeting: 14th of April, 16-18 EEST

Czech Republic

Local contact: Helena Kosková -
First online meeting: 6th of April, 15-17 CET


Local contact: Kasia Stepien -
First online meeting: 4th of April, 11.30-14 UK time.

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