Social practice to be heard and seen, listen and see others and self in the context of an authentic, ancient and modern group process. More >>

Elemental Dance

Movement meditation, guided by music and facilitator. Both contemplative and dynamic practice to connect with body wisdom, inner source of inspiration and balance. More >>

Generous Shop

A physical place to let abundance flow to and from oneself. More >>

Grateful to Have, to Connect, to Be

Practice gratefulness and explore presence More >>

Impact of My Choices

To discover impacts of our every-day choices and our interdependence with the rest of the World. More >>

Interrelational Meditation

To be able to connect to each other and extend individual practice to a communal practice More >>

Mindful Communication

Practices to strengthen capabilities for mindful communication. More >>

The Village

This activity is a central method in the Social Presencing Theater approach. It is both simple and profound at the same time. The Village invites a group of people to be together in an open but defined space – “The central square of the village of this group of people”. For twenty minutes the group convenes without a task or an aim, but with a reduced “vocabulary” of actions; standing, sitting, lying, walking, turning, all without speaking. The overall aim is to bring embodied presence to a group, in discovery through the body, of aspects of the invisible, sensorial field in between them. More >>
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