Grateful to Have, to Connect, to Be

Practice gratefulness and explore presence


Having a gratefulness practice in an educational event brings a moment of reflection on belonging and connection with wider society, community, nature and can help to spotlight interconnectedness.


During our three-day project networking event, one day before lunch-break, we had a 15-20-minute guided chocolate-tasting activity. The Facilitator went around the room and offered each participant a piece of chocolate (it should be sustainable like Fairtrade, vegan) and look at it as he/she would see it for the first time and not know what it is. The guiding facilitator welcomed participants to explore the piece with curiosity and by using different senses. At the end to explore also the taste and send gratefulness to all living beings who have created this piece.



Adapt this session according to the available time. Be focused on what you say and when best to lead this activity.


Next to a specific activity, there can be common practice for all the group to meet before meals and have a moment of gratitude for what people have on the table. Can be expanded to the session about interconnectedness.


Ask participants in advance to prepare for the activity by having chocolate or other products available, like tea, fruit etc.

Possible traps

If it is done just before meals people can be hungry, so choose the right length of session to have an impact but not make people lose their appetite.

Food is more than survival. With it we make friends, celebrate and count our blessings.

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