Cosmic News

Daily dose of news from the Solar system to invite a wider framework. More >>

Grateful to Have, to Connect, to Be

Practice gratefulness and explore presence More >>

Impact of My Choices

To discover impacts of our every-day choices and our interdependence with the rest of the World. More >>

Labyrinth Walk

Building together with the group a labyrinth for individual walks. While walking to the centre of the labyrinth we are also approaching our own inner centre. Works well for introspection, inspiration, meditation or specific ritual. More >>

Opening Sensory Awareness

Opening and activating our senses to become present and to perceive the world, connect to it from a different place More >>


Walk in a landscape with a specific personal or group intention - as a spiritual practice, way of personal development, artistic expression or activism. You can combine all these in education. More >>

Threshold Walk

Using the mirror of nature to get a deeper understanding, insights about a question the participant would like to explore. More >>

Wellness Walk

A nature-based intro to wellness dimensions. More >>

Wheel of the Year Celebration

Ritual celebration of the eight seasonal feasts of the annual cycle More >>

Widening Circles

A Work That Reconnects Activity To Experience a Shift In Perspectives More >>
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