Cosmic News

Daily dose of news from the Solar system to invite a wider framework.


Bringing the cosmic perspective repeatedly into awareness puts your education event into a wider context and can enable reflections about the relevance and sustainability of people’s plans and actions.


Every morning during a seven-day residential course we introduced in ten minutes, two or three interesting facts about current events in the Solar system, or presented some numbers to zoom out to a wider perspective. “Right now the Moon is 367.542 km away from the Earth in the constellation of Capricorn.” Or, “Today, as everyday, the Earth orbits the Sun at a speed of approx. 30 km per second.”, etc. We were building up from simpler examples to more complex things, presenting new layers and broader context.



One input focused on a specific day of the course (Full moon, Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse..). A session connected to the current cosmic moment can follow.


Next to the morning news there can be evening stargazing sessions (optional) focused more on stars and galaxies, their movements and changes.


twenty minute session with a video and some interesting facts about the current situation in the Solar system.

Possible traps

It can be boring and repetitive if the inputs are too long, if no interactive elements are included, or if a flavour of passion is missing. Too much passion can kill it as well, therefore choose the amount and length carefully.

On Mercury one day is longer than one year.

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