Soundscape listening

Discover the link of environmental sound and internal resonance of body and mind.


Deep listening to everyday sounds builds a strong link in the body and mind to the present moment. It is a useful and accessible tool of (self-)training awareness.


With a group of participants, we went out for a listening soundwalk. We were in a group, but kept silent, focusing on sounds around us, with the only task – to memorise sounds in a sequence. We made a half an hour loop in the park. Returning back, everyone was asked to draw a soundmap of the walk. After fifteen minutes we had individual presentations of each map. Though we all walked in a group and were exposed to the same sounds, none of the maps was the same!



Listen to 5-10 minutes recording of nature or city, (but not music) and ask students to describe particular sounds they have heard.


Make a few listening sessions in different locations. Stand silently in a circle and listen for 5-10 minutes, no talking during, after or between listening. Then go for a soundwalk. After presenting soundmaps let people share experiences.


Playback three recordings of environments (not music), 5 min each, short fade-outs between. Choose different recordings that are not alike. Ask participants to make keyword notes on each recording during listening. Afterwards, ask each to present what he/she heard, based on notes – 3 minutes each.

Possible traps

Choose environments and recordings very carefully - those should be neither basic nor too extraordinary. It should not be boring, or too fun - find balance.

Work seriously, but stay light. Care for small details, but don’t lose the wholeness.

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