Dance With the Unknown

This activity invites people to come from lying down into a standing position in twenty minutes in any way they - more correct: their bodies - want! Engaging in the activity develops embodied presence by aligning body and mind.


The Dance with the Unknown is a playful meditation in action that can support people to be fully present plus feeling alive and awake. Additionally it invites people to let go - for a while - of habits and known concepts.


In a course, we regularly used embodiment exercises as a methodological feature. Whenever this was the case we started getting into the body with a session of “Dance with the Unknown” as a warm-up. At the first session, we introduced a few basic principles on embodiment and guided people more into the activity. Over the following times, we gradually reduced our guidance to let people freely find their genuine “Dance with the Unknown”.


Shorter time

If twenty minutes seem too daunting, it is no problem to reduce it to fifteen or no less than ten minutes.

Continue directly with the next embodiment exercise (eg. The Village)

Best using the developed embodied presence by directly (if possible) connecting the ending position of the dances as a starting point for the next embodiment exercise. The activity, “The Village” described here, is a perfect continuation for inviting from self-perspective to a group-perspective.


It can of course also have a value to invite people sharing their experiences directly afterwards and reflecting what they noticed and/or surprised them.

From sitting to standing up

If lying down is not an option (because of the condition of the floor/ground or because it is potentially leaving people with too big a feeling of unease) you can do the exercise starting from sitting.

Possible traps

People unfamiliar or even uncomfortable with embodiment based activities might be bewildered or confused by this activity - therefore the introduction and guidance at the beginning is essential.

Let your body be in the driver seat from time to time!!

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